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The versatility of the Redivac Sewerage system enables sewerage to be collected from communities where traditional gravity systems are impossible to install or are cost prohibitive.


The Redivac system is used in a broad range of applications where difficult ground conditions, a high water table or ease of access make vacuum the preferred solution.

Testimonial: Sharjah University City Vacuum Sewerage System, United Arab Emirates

1995 Sharjah Municipality Drainage Section ordered the first phase of the University City vacuum sewerage system from Iseki Redivac Ltd. Since then it has been necessary to extend the vacuum system on several occasions, even today the consultants acting on our behalf with the assistance of Redivac are designing further extensions to the system - these extensions are necessary due to the continued expansion of the university campus.


Iseki Redivac commenced the installation of the first two vacuum stations and 200 interface valve chambers in 1995 and completed the first phase on schedule some six months later. We have recently commissioned phase VII of this large vacuum drainage project, including four vacuum stations, in excess of 50 kilometres of polythene vacuum mains and 50 90 mm Iseki Redivac Interface Valves.


Our experience when working with Iseki Redivac has be complementary; we are also satisfied with the quality of their interface valves and associated equipment, supplies and installation to date. Redivac have always provided a good level of technical support and always responded to our requests for assistance in a timely manner.

S Megson, Head of Drainage Section, Sharjah Municipality